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Win music from Wooden Rings and We/Or/Me!

Purchase Your Ticket Today for the Wooden Rings EP release show and be entered to win FREE music! One “Grand Prize” winner will receive the new “Twisted & Tangled” EP, along with Wooden Rings’ self-titled debut album, a commemorative show poster, AND a copy of “The Walking Hour” by We/Or/Me. Two other winners will receive a copy of the new “Twisted & Tangled” EP. Tickets and more information are available online at

Halfway through our month and we have met our goal!

We send our sincerest appreciation and eternal “thanks” to all of you that have taken the time and shared your bread to invest in this project. Though we have met our goal we’d still like for you to share the Kickstarter with your friends and families in case any of them want to share in this work, from it’s foundation, as well. Last night’s practice sealed the deal- this record is going to be something else. And to all of you that have pledged, I hope you are very excited about your winnings. With this sort of luck you all should try your hand at the stock market. Warmly, Ramah, Brett, Justin, Marissa and our families.

Kickstarter for “Twisted & Tangled” EP by Wooden Rings

Dear Friends, We have begun a Kickstarter campaign to help materialize a collection of 4 songs that we plan to have ready to release in May. This collection will be known as the Twisted & Tangled EP. This is some of our most vigorous work! We hope to make a recording that captures what we hear when we play together as a responsive, connected unit rather than the piece-by-piece approach we took when recording our first record, Wooden Rings 2012. If you like what we do, our musical ideas, lyrics, choices to do our own thing with everything we are, please consider giving. Thanks in advance, Warmly, Ramah, Justin, Marissa, and Brett and all our families