Wooden Rings is a singer-songwriter project forged by Haitian immigrant, Ramah Jihan Malebranche in Chicago, IL.
“The eerie, methodical construction of Wooden Rings’ music sounds characteristically Chicago. This lush, multilayered brand of chamber pop might not be the most popular sound in town, but its roots can be found in acts who’ve grabbed national and international acclaim…the vision is precise and haunting in its beauty and strength.” -Chicago Tribune
  The band is in a fascinating transition from an entirely acoustic chamber quartet into a larger amplified format but still mining inter-personal space for a greater knowledge of self.   Our work, Heliocentric, is a collection of songs that explores the effects of my immigrant story on my interpersonal life since my mother and I fled from Haiti to the United States under the Duvalier Regime in the 1980’s. Written over a four-year period, the songs focus on the ways I’ve had to adapt and cope with a sense of displacement, and the impact it has had on my relationships.   As a singer-songwriter with the collaborative project Wooden Rings, I recorded these songs but have never released a fully-produced album. This campaign gives us a chance to raise the funds to do that and commit the work to vinyl for the first time. Referencing the title, the sun appears throughout this music, symbolizing the hope and restoration of what has been lost. Although these songs are personal to me and my story, it’s really a human story with many complexities and richness that I feel listeners will appreciate.     

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