The Heliocentric EPs

Hi. This is Ramah.

I took a year off playing music entirely to get to know myself a little better and balance some stresses out. I was working 50 hours a week as a manager of a makerspace within a starving inner-city charter school. I was having problems at home with my wife, which led to us parting ways. I had to move and change jobs before I could even find peace in playing guitar again. I owe my friends Nathan and Sarah a thanks for never leaving me alone about playing music. They hounded me but were also understanding that I needed the space, though the music I was making with Wooden Rings was never released.


So, Wooden Rings is forming again with some new faces to perform and record the Heliocentric set. Of course, we have added some new songs to the mix.Time away from it has done us and the songs some good and honestly, the work has never sounded so clear. I have learned not to take on too many musicians and conflicting opinions. To do less fussing and allow others to contribute. When people, money, space and time align, the spirit flows easily and speaks clearly.


The seeds for these new EPs, Heliocentric, were planted way back in the abyss of Snowpocolyse 2013/2014. It was also the third coldest winter in Chicago history. The average temperature was 18.8 degrees between December and February, a few tenths of a degree behind 1978-79 (18.4) and 1903-04 (18.3). For a Haitian immigrant, these conditions make for an emptiness, isolation and imagination, which made space for these songs to form. Now, they fill that space with flashing color and charm. It makes me so happy and drives me deep into and far out of myself on a bridge to others.

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